Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to the new Mapleton City Citizen Problem Reporter. This tool has been developed to allow you, the citizens of Mapleton City, to report problems you see easily and at any time. It is also a valuable tool for city staff to become aware of problems that exist, respond appropriately and efficiently, and receive valuable feedback from residents when problems are resolved. We hope you enjoy using the Mapleton City Citizen Reporter and are confident that together we can keep Mapleton City a great place to live and play.


Launch the Citizen Problem Reporter

  1. Navigate to the secure site on either desktop or your mobile device:
  2. Accept the prompt to allow the website to use your current location (this is required if you would like the tool to use your location to report a problem)               


Select the Problem Category

  1. Select the category of problem you would like to report from the list shown (Road Problems shown here).
    • All currently open requests will be shown on the map and the list.


    • To view an open request simply click on the icon on the map. Here you can comment or like a problem report. Liking will allow staff to see multiple reports for the same issue.                       


Create a New Report

  1. To create a new report, click:
  2. Fill out the relevant information including the problem location and a detailed description of the problem. If you have location services enabled, you can click the navigate button to record your location.
    1. All personal information is stored securely and is not visible to the public.
    2. Personal information it not required to submit a report, however, if you would like to receive status updates for your report, please include an email address.
  3. Add photos if desired
  4. Click

Receive Updates

  1. If you have submitted your email address with your report, you will receive notifications on project progress as follows:
    • A thank you email indicating that your report has been received
    • An update email notifying you that the report has been assigned to the relevant city department.
    • A final email letting you know that the problem has been resolved and inviting you to complete an online satisfaction survey.
  2. At any time, you can come back to the Citizen Problem Reporter to check on the status of your report and provide additional comments if necessary.

Additional Help

  1. Additional help is available using the icon or you can contact Mapleton City Public Works at 801-489-6253.

Thank you for your interest in the Mapleton City Citizen Problem Reporter.