Mapleton Treasure Discovered

Standing in the backyard of one of our resident’s home is the original Mapleton Relief Society Meeting Building. The building is small, only 15’ x 20’ and was built in 1888.   It was the center of the Relief Society organization at the turn of the century and until 1917, when it became too small to accommodate the large group.  The women of the church met in buildings like this in areas where the church was located, because there was no room for them to use in the old meeting houses.

The women of Mapleton earned the money themselves to build, finance and maintain the building. They spent hours holding bake sales, making and serving dinners, crafting sellable items for their bazaars, and other fundraising events to earn the money to build the building.  The Relief Society organization also raised and sold wheat, to earn money to build the granary from which they stored and distributed the wheat.  This granary was located next to the meeting building and has long since been torn down.

This Treasured meeting building stands as a tribute to all the women of Mapleton for their hard work and fortitude.  The present owners have given their consent for us to relocate the building to the grounds at the city park, to join the other historical buildings; The Mapleton City Museum and the Kendall Cabin.  This will be a great addition and enhance the physical history of our Town and would be a place where we can honor the women of Mapleton. We are grateful that it has been preserved and now can be restored for the entire community to enjoy.

Mayor Dallas Hakes, the City Council, the Mapleton Historical Society, The Sons of the Utah Pioneers (SUP), The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, (DUP) and the Mapleton Stake Humanitarian Committee, are asking for help from the community.  We need skilled and trained tradesmen who would be willing to volunteer some of their time or equipment for this renovation.  If you are an electrician, concrete contractor, framer, roofer, architect, engineer, brick mason, carpenter, etc., or have had some experience in building and would be interested in helping us remove and rebuild this building on the new site we need your help.   We will also accept financial support to cover costs where volunteer labor and contributions cannot be obtained.  We are a community of service, and this is another area where your physical and monetary help is needed.  The work on this restoration project will begin as soon as we know we have the support of the community. If this story touches your heart we invite you to help, make this restoration happen. Please contact one of the following committee members. Please leave your name, contact information along with your skills or other contributions you are willing to make.

You are free to contact any one of these individuals for questions or information.

Camille Brown; Mapleton City; 801-806-9106, [email protected]

Tom James; 801 319-0059, [email protected].

Mary Fojtek, Mapleton Historical Society 801-489-5562, [email protected].

Rosy Palmer, Mapleton Stake Relief Society President , 909-557-5213, [email protected]

John Riding, SUP Member, 801-717-7993, [email protected]

Michelle Estes, Mapleton Stake Humanitarian Director; 801-885-8223, [email protected]



The Mapleton Historical Society was started in the late 1980’s to preserve Mapleton’s Heritage for future generations to remember their past.

Mapleton Historical Committee Members

President Laurie Whiting

Collin Allen

Tyler Brinkerhoff

April Clawson

Mary Fojtek

John Riding

Keith Stirling

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For those interested in Eagle Scout Projects please contact the Recreation Department at 801-806-9114 or [email protected]