Camille Brown; Mapleton City; 801-806-9106, [email protected]

Tom James, [email protected].

Mary Fojtek, Mapleton Historical Society, [email protected].

Rosy Palmer, Mapleton Stake Relief Society President, [email protected]

John Riding, SUP Member, [email protected]

Michelle Estes, Mapleton Stake Humanitarian Director, [email protected]m

The Mapleton Historical Society was started in the late 1980’s to preserve Mapleton’s Heritage for future generations to remember their past.

Mapleton Historical Committee Members

Camille Brown – City Representative

Jessica Egbert – City Council Representative

Mary Fojtek

Jim Fojtek

Christine Oberhansley

April Clawson

Dale Clawson

Amy Eastmond

Tyler Brinkerhoff

Eldon Hjorth

Richard Hjorth

John Riding

Keith Stirling

Colin Allan

Emily McLean

Matt Stone

Robin Stone

Derek Keller

Jessica Lake

Rachael Cochran

CLICK HERE to see more of Mapleton’s Historical Photographs

For those interested in Eagle Scout Projects please contact the Recreation Department at 801-806-9114 or [email protected]