Today, our world faces an increasing threat from a virus that we are working hard to conquer. I am proud of the sacrifices that each of you and your families have made in our community by doing your part in helping Utah by following the health-related recommendations provided by Governor Gary Herbert and simultaneously supporting our business communities to strengthen the State’s economy.   

Consider for a moment our heritage and the individuals who made Mapleton the beautiful and welcoming city it is today. These pioneers fell upon difficult times – illness, food and water shortages, battles. Yet, they persevered and founded our home. They built community schools and places of worship; established occupations, food sources, and economic patterns; designed irrigation and streets; created cultural programming; and invested in development.

Reflecting upon the volumes of history that preceded us and looking forward to the volumes we’re currently writing, we know the decisions we make and the problems we solve will define our legacy and sustain the quality of life we enjoy – for generations to come.

We have made adjustments to ensure the ongoing operations of the City and that projects continue in a timely and cost-effective manner. Yet, the virus is still upon us. Despite steps taken to reopen business, government, and education, I stress the importance of continued best practices to keeping you, your family, and your neighbors healthy and to keep Mapleton strong.

I am honored to be your Mayor. I know that by working together we will be stronger than ever.