In the State of the City Address and the May City Newsletter, we addressed the impending Spanish Fork/Mapleton Sewer Treatment Plant Replacement Project related to the new requirements from the State Division of Water Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Of the estimated $80 million project, Mapleton will be responsible for ¼ the expense. While we have enjoyed one of the lowest sewer rates in the State, the debt associated with replacing the 50-year-old plant to meet the new requirements will require the City to adjust rates to levels comparable with other municipalities. We identified a strategy that will allow increases to occur in phases over several years, and, as we noted in May, we anticipated charging a new rate of approximately $34 per month starting in July of this year for the first phase of rate increases. 

However, in discussion with the City Council and Staff, and with consideration for the ongoing economic impact associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to postpone the fee increase until September 2020. While the total expense must still be paid overtime, this will provide citizens a cushion in which they can review budgets and make adjustments over the next few months. If you are experiencing employment challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic contact the City at 801-489-5655 to discuss payment arrangements.

 We will continue educating our citizens to ensure a community-wide understanding of the project necessity and funding started. We value our community and continuously seek opportunities to balance the quality of services we provide with conservative funding strategies. Should you wish to discuss this project, please contact Public Works Director/City Engineer Steven Lord at [email protected] or 801-489-6253.