Residents: the winter parking topic has been a tough needle to thread for years. We recognize that there are several different challenges when it comes to restricting parking during weather events. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide a safe and effective method for snow removal on city streets during both the day and night. Here is how the newly adopted ordinance reads:

Parking is prohibited on city public streets having an asphalt width of 36 feet or less during snow removal operations. All vehicles are to be removed from city public streets during snow storms and for up to 48 hours thereafter, or until snow plowing and snow removal efforts are completed, as determined by the Public Works Director, whichever is sooner. During snow storms shall mean at the point in time that snow begins to accumulate on the streets. The Public Works Director has the authority to extend the 48 hours in the event of a storm which takes City crews more than 48 hours to clear the streets of snow. Notice of the 48 hour extension is to be posted on the City web page. In addition to any citation which may be issued for violation of this section, any vehicle or trailer parked or left standing in violation of this section may be impounded as provided in this section. For purposes of impoundment and removal, a police officer may immediately impound and remove any vehicle in violation of this section which he reasonably believes constitutes a safety hazard to the public or snow removal equipment. The cost of impoundment and removal shall be charged to the owner or any person who claims the impounded vehicle.

Major changes:

No restriction on dates
No restrictions on time of day
Must have cars removed from streets during snowfall and up to 48 hrs
after as snow begins to accumulate
Read the details of the meeting and new ordinance language at

Please share this with neighbors who do not use Facebook or the city website regularly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mapleton Police Department