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Mayor's Message
From the August 2014 Newsletter

July 24th Celebration

     The 2014 July 24th celebration was a huge success. What an awesome firework show, the Party Crashers Band was amazing, and the parade was perfect.  Many thanks to the Mapleton Utah Stake volunteers for their undertaking of the morning events (flag ceremony, 5k race, parade, activities, games, entertainment, etc.). Also, a big thanks to our many sponsors and volunteers who helped make all of our evening events (helicopter ping pong ball drop, skydivers, band, fireworks, etc.) possible.       I would also like to thank Mapleton City Council (Ryan Farnworth, Scott Hansen, Jim Lundberg, Mike Nelson, and Jonathan Reid), Mapleton City Police Department, Public Safety, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and the Mapleton City Youth Council.

Urban Deer Control Plan

     I continue to receive complaints regarding the increased deer population encroaching in farms, yards, flower gardens, roads, etc. This type of environment allows deer to remain year-round within our community. Staff has been working with the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to establish a program which will improve safety on city roads and Hwy 89, reduce deer numbers within city limits, promote safe and cost effective deer removal, and reduce property damage caused by urban deer.  At this time I am inviting all farmers within the community who are interested in meeting with the DWR to contact April Houser with Mapleton City by Monday, August 18th requesting to be added to the list. Once the list has been compiled both Staff and the farmers will meet with the DWR to establish a depredation mitigation plan. With the issuance of a permit from the DWR the farmer/designee will be allowed to remove the deer by using a method recommended and approved by the City Council. April can be reached by email at or by phone at 801-806-9109.

Important Message Concerning Your Utility Bill

     Please note that the City did NOT apply the new culinary water or pressurized irrigation water rates on this billing.  Due to confusion as to when the meters were read the City decided it would be fairer to delay the implementation of the new rates for one more billing cycle.  Because this bill includes usage from June 16 through July 15, the new rates will NOT go into effect UNTIL your next billing which will include usage from approximately July 16th through August 16th.  For those of you who are on, or who have recently connected to the pressurized irrigation system, the City has not charged for usage on this bill.  Rather you were billed a flat monthly rate.  Your next bill will be based on usage using the new pressurized irrigation water rates.  The City felt it was important to make you aware of this change so that you do not use this bill as a gauge for future billings.  Thank you.

Mayor Brian Wall
(801) 489-5655 ext. 105





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Mapleton, UT 84664

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The City Offices will be closed on Monday, September 1, 2014 in observance of Labor Day

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125 West Community Center Way Mapleton, UT 84664
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Public Works Department
1405 West 1600 North
Mapleton, UT 84664
Phone (801) 489-6253
Fax (801) 489-5179     7:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Culinary and PI Water Rate Resolution and Tables

August 2014 Newsletter

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