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Utah County Open Burn

The Utah County Open Burn will be April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014.  You MUST obtain a burn permit, before burning, during the hours listed below:

Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm at the Utility Desk

Friday 8:30am-5pm at the Utility Desk

Saturday 10am-2pm at the Library


Mayor's Message
From the April 2014 Newsletter

     Mapleton has worked hard, over the past couple of years, to provide approximately 50% of the City the ability to access the City’s Pressurized Irrigation (PI) system. The City currently charges a PI Water user a base rate fee of $35 per month with no usage charge, and for a Culinary Water user the City charges a base rate fee of $20 per month, as well as a monthly usage charge. Over the last year I have heard from those who have the ability to hook to the PI system but have chosen not to because of concerns such as the cost of the connection fee, cost of switching their sprinkling system from culinary to PI, water pressure, etc. We are addressing the concerns and working to make all of the water resources in Mapleton fair and equitable.

     Last year was a very dry year, and even with less than 50% of the residents hooked up to the PI system, we came very close to running out of water, a couple of times, in our PI system. As we monitored the system it was clear that the use of water was extreme for the needs of those hooked up. We understand that not all citizens used more than they needed but we also knew that we needed the ability to monitor individual usage. When the system was designed and built meters were installed on every connection. In 2014 the use of these meters will be enforced and new usage rates will be applied.

            In an effort to establish fair and equitable Culinary Water and Pressurized Irrigation usage rates throughout the City as well as ensuring that the City cares for all of our water resources, the City Council has been compiling and analyzing data in order to determine the fairest way to charge the different classes of users as well as ensure that the City cares for their water resources. It is important to establish a plan which will encourage all those who have the ability to hook to PI to do so. In order to address the above issues the Council is considering making modifications to the current water rate structure.

            I recognize that this issue is sensitive, however in order to be fair and equitable we need to ensure a team effort. My sincere personal thanks go out to you, the residents, for caring about our city. No city can be its best without committed and compassionate people coming together and focusing on common goals. You continue to make Mapleton City a wonderful place for us all to call home.   

Mayor Brian Wall
(801) 489-5655 ext. 105





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125 West Community Center Way Mapleton, UT 84664
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April 2014 Newsletter

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