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City Council

Council Members:

Mayor Brian Wall
Councilman Ryan Farnworth
Councilman Scott Hansen
Councilman Jim Lundberg
Councilman Mike Nelson
Councilman Jonathan Reid
Brian Wall

Scott Hansen


Jonathan ReidRyan Farnworth






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Mapleton Vision Statement

We are a unique community retaining a peaceful, country atmosphere through rural master planning.

  • We are citizens who participate in deciding matters that affect us, help our neighbors, and, when necessary, subordinate self-interests for the good of all.

  • Preserve the beauty of our community and surroundings.

  • Promote family values and community effort in order to maintain safe and friendly neighborhoods.

  • Have well-planned, accessible, open areas.

  • Encourage economic development as it harmonizes with our community lifestyle.

Because we hold true to these principles, our community offers a quality lifestyle for a family environment.  In summary, We have controlled growth with community input.

We Encourage:

  • Family-oriented activities and facilities.

  • Clean air and water.

  • Preserving and planting trees.

  • Gross density planning.

  • Preserving animal rights.

  • Pooling and sharing resources, facilities, and ideas with other communities.

  • Maintaining our own police, fire, and emergency services.

  • Aesthetic building and style codes for industrial and commercial areas.

  • A general vote on issues with city-wide impact.

  • Volunteerism.

  • Preserving the beauty of Maple Mountain.

  • Agriculture, parks, green spaces, trails and paths to accommodate walking, horseback riding and bicycling.

We Discourage:

  • Growth at the cost of: open space, neighborhood privacy, health and safety, and ability to provide service.

  • Dense road grids.

  • High density housing.

  • Development on the mountainsides.

City Council Links

2015 City Council Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agendas, Staff Reports, Minutes and Recordings


Mapleton City Code

Youth City Council Application


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