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Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment Members:

Boyd Adams
Joyce Clifton
Ted LeBeau
                                                                                             Alternate - Edie Swan                                                     Alternate - Kent Taylor                              

The Board of Adjustment:  The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body charged with the responsibility to provide for just and fair treatment in the administration of the Mapleton City zoning ordinances, and to ensure that substantial justice is done. This is accomplished by the granting of "variances".  The Board of Adjustment consists of four regular and two alternate members who are residents of the City.  The Board is appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  The members of the Board of Adjustment are ordinary citizens of Mapleton. They are not City employees, but citizens with their own vocations who desire to serve the City. The Board members do not answer to the Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission or Staff, and can act as an independent, quasi-judicial body.

Applications: The Board of Adjustment hears applications for variances to the zoning code exclusively. 

Meetings: The Board of Adjustment meets as needed.  Because there are so few request for variances, the Board will only meet when an application is made.  Variances require a 14 day Public Notice, so meetings could be held within three weeks after an application is received and processed. 


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